Tres Solutions partners with Danelec Marine to accelerate the use of data and IoT in shipping

(Houston – May 18) Tres Solutions, a leading global provider of vessel performance software and services, and Danelec Marine, the market leading provider of ship-to-shore data solutions – today announced a collaboration that will accelerate the use of high-resolution data in delivering insights to shipping companies.

The cooperation recognizes Tres as a certified third-party application provider in which the company’s Tres Vessel Analytics (TVA) platform can seamlessly integrate with the DanelecConnect ship-to-shore data gathering and transmission platform.

Danelec collects and pre-processes data from onboard sensors before transferring it to a secure cloud-based database. Tres will use the reliable, real-time data in its TVA decision-support software and services, helping existing and future clients improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and improve operations.

“This collaboration brings together two leaders in maritime digitalization,” said Aaron Holton, CEO of Tres Solutions. “The industry has continued to evolve, with customers seeking connected platforms. With Danelec, we are collectively able to remove many of the barriers to widespread adoption of IoT by our customers and pave the way for further efficiency driven solutions for our clients.”

As the industry increasingly uses IoT applications to harness the full potential of data, Tres and Danelec are committed to providing shipping companies with new tools that can improve confidence in decision-making and increase fuel and environmental efficiency.

“We are pleased to welcome Tres Solutions into our ever-expanding integration ecosystem,” said Casper Jensen, COO of Danelec Marine, “The industry is quickly changing, and many more ships will be IoT enabled in the coming years. We believe our collaboration with Tres will help lead the transformation of the industry in a smart and efficient way.”

About Tres Solutions

Tres is a leading maritime software and analytics company, providing digital vessel performance solutions that help clients improve data quality, save money, reduce emissions and improve operations. Its core Tres Vessel Analytics (TVA) platform is the fastest growing performance management and optimization system in the market and is deployed on nearly 300 vessels worldwide.

Tres services include access to the Tres performance center and in-house specialists, who work closely with crews and shore teams to improve reporting and support ongoing performance initiatives. The company’s software and service platform have helped customers realize 2-14% fuel savings annually.

To learn more about the Tres Approach, visit or email

About Danelec Marine

Headquartered in Denmark, Danelec is a leading supplier of Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs), ship-to- shore data communication systems and Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS). Danelec was one of the first companies to bring to market VDRs and Simplified VDRs (S-VDRs) to meet the original IMO carriage requirements.

More than 6,000 vessels today are equipped with a VDR or S-VDR designed and manufactured by Danelec Marine. The company has service facilities with factory-trained personnel in more than 50 countries and Certified Service Centers at strategic locations worldwide.

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Tres Solutions partners with Danelec Marine to accelerate the use of data and IoT in shipping

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