Tres Goes 2 for 2…Receives IMO DCS Approval

Tres has received IMO DCS approval from Verifavia for our Tres Vessel Analytics (TVA) system.

Tres Receives IMO DCS Approval for TVA

The Tres team is pleased to announce that it has received IMO DCS certification for its Tres Vessel Analytics (TVA) vessel performance optimization platform!

The certification confirms that the data collection and analysis methods employed by TVA are in compliance with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) mandatory requirements for Fuel Oil Data Collection System (DCS) for international shipping.

The regulation was adopted by the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC70) on 28th October 2016 as amendments to Chapter 4 of Annex VI of MARPOL. These amendments came into force on 1 March 2018.

The regulation requires ship owners and operators to submit annual reports on fuel consumption, distance travelled and hours underway to their Administration, according to the methodology set out in the Part II of the Ship Energy Efficiency Monitoring Plan (SEEMP). The regulation applies to ships of 5000 GT and above.

Aggregated data will be reported to a ship’s flag State after the end of each calendar year, which will need to verify that the data has been reported in accordance with the requirements before issuing a Statement of Compliance to the ship. Administrations will submit aggregated data to IMO for anonymized publication.

The aforementioned requirements will take effect in 2019.

By adding this certification (in addition to EU MRV certification), Tres maintains its commitment to providing regulation compliant systems, minimizing administrative workload and reducing cost of compliance for shipping companies.

In addition to compliance support, Tres customers will continue to benefit from TVA’s dual-layer validation approach and advanced analytics platform, which is proven to drive savings and efficiency.

About Tres Solutions

Tres Solutions is a leading maritime software and analytics company, providing a comprehensive suite of digital solutions for vessels, focused on helping clients save money, reduce emissions and improve operations. The company serves its global customer base from major shipping hubs around the world, including Houston (HQ), Copenhagen and Mumbai. Its core Tres Vessel Analytics (TVA) platform is among the fastest growing performance management and optimization systems in the market and has been deployed on nearly 200 vessels worldwide. For more information, go to or email

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