Our favorite features from 2018

Back by popular demand, we’re recounting our favorite product and service features from 2018.

Tres team favorites from 2018

Last year was a big year in terms of new features, updates and integrations, but the below were the top three favorites as voted by our team members in Houston, Copenhagen and Mumbai.

Fuel Tables

TVA has continued to evolve to cater to a range of stakeholders. Initially developed as a tool to primarily support optimization for technical decision-makers, TVA has grown to enhance business intelligence for operational and commercial stakeholders, as well.

One major workflow we wanted to support was setting up fixtures. Given the extensive level of data collection and validation in TVA, we knew that commercial/chartering teams would benefit from understanding the true performance of vessels.

During fact finding, it was apparent that setting up fixtures was much an art as science. There were a lot of “what ifs” to consider and scenarios that teams had to keep in mind when making chartering decisions.

We thus developed dynamic fuel tables, which not only provides speed and consumption based on the recent performance, but also allows users to run scenarios on “better” or “worse” performance to see how that would impact a ship’s consumptions.

In addition, we included the equivalent of a data confidence index in the TVA Fuel Tables module. By comparing reported consumption to flow meters and stock data, we can determine within reasonable certainty that the data is reliable. As a result, commercial teams can be more confident as they commit vessels to charter.

Since rolling-out the Fuel Tables in TVA, it has become one of our highest trafficked modules. We are now supporting a number of clients with their commercial fixtures process, as well as monitoring vessels for charter party compliance. The combination of reliable analytics and 24/7 monitoring have yielded a value-added feature that will certainly benefit commercial teams well into the future.

Fleet Analysis

It is no secret that our ship owner and technical manager customers have plenty of work that must be prioritized on an ongoing basis.

Fleet performance teams, technical superintendents or operations teams have a range of analytics at their disposal. However, it was clear that time constraints made it difficult to dive into TVA advanced analytics on a regular basis and for long enough periods to conduct thorough analysis for a full fleet.

The Tres team set out to develop a simple dashboard that could provide a complete overview of reporting and performance for these stakeholders. A Fleet Analysis section was added to the Fleet Tracker module in TVA.

Using our simple traffic light system, users can easily conduct a current situation assessment of their vessels for key performance metrics. Those vessels in ‘red’ show users where immediate attention is required. This allows users to focus their time and energy on the problematic ships, thus helping manage limited time.

This is among TVA’s most popular features and used heavily by the Tres team, as well. It is a great tool for the less technical user but also great for the more technically-minded who are time constrained and want to keep apprised of current fleet performance.

Fleet Performance

Similar to what we spoke about earlier, it is a big part of our mission to support analysis and decision-making for a range of stakeholders.

Not every company and not every person looks at performance through the same lens. Some may have favorite metrics or views that others may not. This may be defined by past experience and/or job function.

Regardless of the reason, we wanted to make sure TVA was flexible and could accommodate these various needs. This was really the genesis of modern business intelligence (“BI”) tools that we see more commonly today across industries.

Tres created a Fleet Performance module in TVA, which allows us to easily configure analytics for every metric captured in TVA. Users are now able to analyze vessel, sister class or fleet performance for a range of variables, filtering for loading condition, weather and time.

The metrics in the Fleet Performance module analyze technical, operational or commercial performance. Users can monitor anything from CP compliance to hull performance to air cooler pressure drop deviation, among many others.

Since its release, the Fleet Performance dashboard has been the most popular module in TVA due to its flexibility and the ability it affords users to easily monitor performance improvement.

What did we miss?

We are always interested to hear what our customers think. Send us your favorite features and services from 2018 on Twitter (@tres_solutions).

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