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It’s exciting to see what a small team like ours has been able to accomplish. Each has his or her own strengths, and with the small team that we have and the way we’ve divided to conquer the work, those strengths are very easily expressed.

Marc Adam

Principal Software Engineer
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The Maritime Industry has a big gap to fill with the help of data mining, interpretation and innovation. Tres provides the solutions to fill this gap.

Avinash Kumar

Senior Associate, Vessel Performance & Analytics
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Tres has always encouraged out of the box thinking, which sets it apart from other companies in this industry. My professional development accelerated once I joined the Tres team.

Abdulhakim Khan

Manager, Vessel Performance & Analytics
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What We Strive For

At Tres, we are all united in building a market leading vessel optimization platform and providing exceptional service to customers. We believe that each team member can have a positive impact on our business and culture and listen closely for inspiration. We work hard but encourage everyone to take on more responsibility and share ideas. Most importantly, we learn, we grow and we have fun.

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