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Tres Solutions helps the world’s leading ship owners and managers unlock value by reducing fuel consumption and improving operational efficiency.

Tres Vessel Analytics

Maritime’s first comprehensive vessel performance optimization platform.

Tres Vessel Analytics focuses on holistic improvement, from reporting & monitoring to diagnosis & solutions. Our proven approach has helped select clients save more than 45k MT of fuel and generate 20x ROI.


Why We Exist

Inspired by You

TVA was built to answer critical questions for ship owners and managers. Current solutions lack the ‘so what?’ TVA provides reliable, high quality data with actionable insights. Now your time can be spent in implementation, not in trying to find answers.

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What We Do

Turn Insights into Action

TVA uses validated daily performance reports and monthly engine performance reports to drive savings across your fleet. Vessel-specific models ensure that insights are reliable and actionable.

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How It Works

Easy to Use, Powerful Tools at Your Fingertips

TVA advanced analytics dashboards provide actionable data for a range of stakeholders. Our simple traffic light system helps you visualize performance gaps and Tres’ specialists work with you to troubleshoot performance issues.

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Overall Impact

Proven ROI

TVA helps customers drive return on investment through better speed compliance, propulsion efficiency, hull performance, port operations and engine operations, among others.

% Improvement in Data Quality

TVA’s dual layer validation approach standardizes and enriches performance data. This ensures that customers have reliable, actionable insights.

Hours saved annually

TVA’s integrated data approach, proactive performance monitoring and intuitive analytics allow customers to focus on value-added activities.

Integrate your Data.
All of It.

TVA easily integrates with other third-party systems and hardware: technical, operational and commercial stakeholders can all benefit from Tres’ user-friendly interface and streamlined performance data & analytics.

With integration to veslink

Step 1

Vessels report to one source — Tres Vessel Analytics (TVA).

Step 2

TVA has two layers of validation, system and human, to ensure your data quality.

Step 3

Tres pings Veslink API every 10 minutes for near real-time transmission of report data, which auto-populates Veslink reports.

Step 4

Veslink data automatically flows to IMOS, where users can access and amend the data at any time.

What People are Saying About Tres Solutions

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My team now get 'ready to eat - custom made' graphs & reports instead of ‘raw’ data thereby allowing us more time to focus on core issues, to name one of the biggest advantages.

– Confidential Tech. Manager, Singapore
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We appreciate Tres' customer first approach. They work closely with us to make sure analytics are tailored to our needs.

– Confidential Owner, USA
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Tres is focused on solving client problems by taking performance improvement to a new level via innovation and advanced analytics. TVA helps owners figure out what is going on, and importantly, what to do about it.

– Nilesh Dayal, Board Member

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